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Introducing: VOICE by Salt City Sound Machine

Introducing VOICE by Salt City Sound Machine, a new, premium service by SCSM that integrates your voices into your first dance to create an even more unforgettable moment. Read more »

Welcome to Salt City Sound Machine

Welcome to our all new website! We hope you enjoy the all new experience. If you have any questions, or can’t find an item, please contact us by using the form on our contact page. […] Read more »

Chris Lizzi and Chanele Dusart Wedding

Classic cars, superheroes, and a trip to Skaneateles were all in store for the 7/18/2014 wedding reception of Chris Lizzi and Chanele Dusart.  Salt City Sound Machine was back in the windowed backdrop overlooking Route […] Read more »

Richard Yung and Brenna Casler Wedding

Argyle socks!!  That’s what I think about when I think of the Yung/Casler wedding!  Well, that plus DJing at one of the best venues in Central New York for the first time, and the fact […] Read more »

Chris Kurtz and Rebecca Fall Wedding

  The month of May began up in the air. That doesn’t mean a feeling of uncertainty, it is actually quite literal… 20 stories up in the air to be exact. It was the debut […] Read more »

Mike Ganley and Lisa Mengual Wedding

Jason here! This gig blog will be a bit different from the rest. It’s not often that I write these in the first person but for this one, I am compelled to do so. Reason […] Read more »

Matt Bacoulis and Ashley Kanavy Wedding

Salt City Sound Machine was back on the road on the 24th of May in 2014, travelling West on the New York State Thruway to Buffalo, NY. Matt Bacoulis and Ashley Kanavy of South Dakota […] Read more »

Adam Quinn and Bonnie Silberbogen Wedding

Travelling is always an interesting facet of the job.  You never know what to expect, what the venues are going to be like, if the people’s music tastes are going to be different… there’s a […] Read more »

Mike Garback and Jen Mullett Wedding

The day was set for another outdoor wedding in front of the fountain at Traditions at the Links.  This time it was a little more personal being the wedding of a close family friend, complete […] Read more »

Mike McClusky Kristen Serens Wedding

Barn weddings were big in 2014 in Central New York.  They’ve been popular for a while now, but with the emergence of venues like MJK Farms, Wolf Oak Acres, and the new Hayloft on the […] Read more »