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Josh Marmon & Patricia Stevens Wedding

We were travelling East, yet again for another early 2015 wedding.  This time, not quite as far as Saratoga Springs.  This time we were in Yorkville, NY, just outside of Utica for the wedding of […] Read more »

Ryan McFadden and Sarah Janssen Wedding

Let’s kick off our 2015 wedding event recaps where our 2015 season officially began.. about 150 miles to the East of our home base in Saratoga Springs, NY.  It’s always fun to travel, but travel […] Read more »

Introducing 2015: The Non-Weddings

It’s finally time to kick off the 2015 event recaps.  2015 was an incredibly busy year for Salt City Sound Machine amassing 70 events!  And while it’s true that SCSM specializes in weddings, that’s not all […] Read more »

Gatsby New Year’s Eve at the Barnes Hiscock Mansion

                  Before 2014 ended, I received an interesting message… someone wanted me to DJ a party in a mansion.  I mean really, who would say no to that? […] Read more »

Patrick Seguin and Julie Krol Wedding

A Destination weddings are interesting.  Although Salt City Sound Machine has never fully done a destination wedding, I suppose the Seguin/Krol wedding is the closest we’ve come.  Patrick and Julie had their wedding ceremony at […] Read more »

Greg Schunk and Grace Guy Wedding

I won’t mince words here… I have a lot of love for Greg and Grace Schunk.  I have a lot of love for all of my clients, but Greg and Grace will always be up […] Read more »

Paul Stiles and Ann-Marie Gacek Wedding

We were back at the familiar setting of Justin’s Tuscan Grill on October 11, 2014 for the wedding of Paul Stiles and AnnMarie Gacek.  It was the latest wedding in our busy 2014, but as […] Read more »

Steve Delgado and Kristi Kelly Wedding

A wedding is commomly characterized as a joining of two people to become one.  This wedding took that concept even further.  Of course, it was Steve and Kristi’s time for two to become one, but […] Read more »

Sam Barbose and Deborah Yamrick Wedding

A mere 15 days after the Bradshaw wedding, we were back at Mirbeau Inn and Spa.  This time it was Sam Barbose and Deborah Yamrick’s turn to use the awesome facilities at Mirbeau for their […] Read more »

Rhys Milsap and Kristin Coons Wedding

People ask all the time… do you travel.  And I answer all the time, YES!  In fact, Salt City Sound Machine was on the road again on September 20, 2014, making our debut in the […] Read more »