Introducing 2015: The Non-Weddings

Venue: Various
Date: January 01, 2015

It’s finally time to kick off the 2015 event recaps.  2015 was an incredibly busy year for Salt City Sound Machine amassing 70 events!  And while it’s true that SCSM specializes in weddings, that’s not all we do.  There are so many different reasons to hire a DJ and in 2015, we got a wide variety which led to some great new relationships, tough events, and everything in between.  Here are some small recaps of some of the non-wedding events we had in the first half of 2015!

Alexandra’s Macedonian Sweet 16

Venue: St. George Macedonian Orthodox Church, Onondaga, NY
Date: January, 17 2015

I don’t mind Sweet 16 parties at all.  They’re usually a good time, and it’s kind of like a mini prom. This one was a bit different because of the ethnic inclusion on the day itself.  It took place at a Macedonian Orthodox Church at the base of Onondaga Hill in the midst of a very snowy winter.  It was a great group of people and Alexandra was a fantastic girl.  The traditional Macedonian dancing and celebrating was very fun to watch.  The dance floor was pretty much always full and included a father/daughter dance.  Oh, but if it were only that simple.

The difficulty of doing an event that is so rooted in a particular ethnicity is that traditional music may be tough to find or one might not have a broad knowledge of it.  So it’s imperative that the DJ gets as much input from the customer as possible.  The Taskovski family were rock stars when it came to providing the necessary music, but luck was not on our side.  Somehow the flash drive that they gave me became corrupted and that had all of the Macedonian music on it.  I should have copied it to my hard drive, so that’s on me, but I was flying blind for a while until one of the members of the family allowed me to use their phone that had some Macedonian music on it.  It really saved the event and it’s a memory I won’t soon forget.

But thank you to the Taskovski family for having Salt City Sound Machine for Alexandra’s Sweet 16.

Lord & Taylor Events

Venue:  Lord & Taylor – Destiny USA, Syracuse, NY
Date: Several

Something else that happened that was pretty cool in 2015 was that Salt City Sound Machine entered into a small partnership with Lord and Taylor.  They originally hired SCSM to provide music for their 2015 Prom Fashion Show.  They built a runway right outside their storefront and after raising our lights to a dangerously high level, they got a chance to show the latest and greatest 2015 Prom trends.  Later, they contracted SCSM on 3 different occasions to provide music for the make-up department during some big time sales.

Thanks to Lord & Taylor for choosing Salt City Sound Machine for your events

Morrisville-Eaton 2015 Junior Prom

Venue:  Highland Forest Lodge, Fabius, NY
Date: May 9, 2015

I enjoy doing Proms.  I really do.  It’s fun to interact with the students, plus I get to find out new music that a 33 year old Classic Rock and Punk fan generally doesn’t listen to.  Morrisville-Eaton Junior/Senior High School hired us to do their Junior Prom in 2015 and it was a great experience.  Well… except the part where my light bar fell on my hand.. that was no good.  But overall, this particular group ended up being a memorable group for SCSM because not only did we get to DJ their Junior Prom, but also a 2016 semi-formal and their Senior Dinner.

Morrisville-Eaton does their proms a little differently than some others I’ve experienced in the area.  They begin with the parents allowed into the room for official pictures while the students were introduced as couples.  Once the couples are all announced they immediately announce the King, Queen, and Court for the Prom.  They give the families about a half hour to take pictures, then all non-students are ushered out and the fun begins.

The 2016 events will get their own recaps, but with the sheer amount of recaps needed for our 2015, this is the most for the Prom.  But SCSM congratulates the Class of 2016 on their recent graduation!

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