Jeremy Harlach and Meghan Farrell Wedding

Venue: Sherwood Inn – Skaneateles, NY
Date: June 21, 2014


Let me take you back in time to a classroom in Westhill High School circa 2001.   Back as a fresh faced senior I met a freshman who sat at the front of the room named Meghan Farrell. Fast forward to June of 2014 and Meghan was clad in her white wedding dress as a newlywed to her husband Jeremy Harlach.   They were both smiles from cheek to cheek anticipating a fun night and an eventual move to Florida. The reception took place at the Sherwood Inn, a first time venue at the time for Salt City Sound Machine, but it proved to be a memorable reception.

The reception got started after an extended cocktail hour where Jeremy and Meghan took pictures across from the Sherwood Inn in front of the serene Skaneateles Lake. The parents, wedding party, and bride and groom were lined up and made their reception grand entrance to Crazy in Love by Beyoncé (Feat. Jay-Z). As Jeremy and Meghan passed through the dining room on their way to dance their first dance, their guest followed and filed into the adjoining room to bear witness and capture memories of the moment. For the moment, the piano version of Love Come by Sarah McLachlan was chosen as the bride and groom’s first dance song. Following the first dance was a tandem parents dance where Meghan danced with her father and Jeremy danced with his mother simultaneously to Blessed by Elton John. Finally, one more thing was needed to be done before dinner, the cake cutting, as the cake was to be served as the final course of dinner. Jeremy and Meghan cut the cake to How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) by Marvin Gaye.   After the cake cut it was time to go back into the dining room for the… many speeches and dinner.

As dinner ended, guests were treated to a great time featuring nearly 4 hours of dance music capped with something special at the end. Guests filled the dance floor all night long as curious people walking by on the sidewalk tried to sneak a peek through the windows to see what was going on. Requests from the bride and groom, such as I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Love Shack went over very well and served to show the guests the variety of song choices Jeremy and Meghan had. Dancing was especially fun because there were some familiar faces in the crowd, Meghan and Aimee, Salt City Sound Machine’s first ever clients, and Kara and Jon, a future 2014 wedding couple who we will cover for their Gig Blog.

The long dance block also gave Jeremy and Meghan plenty of opportunities to participate in some specific moments for the wedding, namely the Generations Dance and Bouquet Toss and of course, the sparkler send-off. The generation dance was danced by all the married couples in attendance to three songs: Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Calliat, September by Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Best is yet to Come by Tony Bennett. Later on there was also a bouquet toss to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé.

Finally, one of the highlights of the night came in the form of the sparkler send-off. The guests were provided sparklers and lined a walkway outside the Sherwood. As the sparklers were lit against the backdrop of the night sky, they created a magical looking visual for our bride and groom to walk through. It was a hit with most of the guests and was one of those interesting aspects to a wedding that Salt City Salt Machine loves. It was done with an hour left in the night and a bunch of people left afterward, but for those still in attendance, the last jeremyharlach_djdance as chosen by the bride and groom was You and Me by Bassnectar (Feat. W. Darling).

Congratulations to Jeremy and Meghan. I was honored to do your wedding and wish you the best of luck in Florida and in the future!



Notable Songs

  • Crazy in Love – Beyoncé (Feat. Jay-Z) (Grand Entrance)
  • Love Come – Sarah McLachlan (First Dance)
  • Blessed – Elton John (Parents Dance)
  • How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – Marvin Gaye (Cake Cutting)
  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) – Beyoncé (Bouquet Toss)
  • Brighter Than the Sun – Colbie Calliat / September – Earth, Wind, and Fire / The Best is Yet to Come – Tony Bennett (Generations Dances)
  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Beyoncé (Bouquet Toss)
  • You and Me – Bassnectar (Feat. W. Darling) (Last Dance)

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