Shaun Story and Theresa Hayes Wedding

Venue: Wellington House (Ceremony), Craftsman Inn (Reception) - Fayetteville, NY
Date: August 08, 2014

Story 29Coming into Syracuse from the Albany area, Shaun Story and Theresa Hayes enjoyed a Fayetteville wedding by taking advantage of 2 of the area’s local venues.  The Wellington House was the site of the ceremony, while just a few doors down, we got down and dirty at the Craftsman Inn for the reception.  2 locations, only 1 DJ… what’s a guy to do?

First let’s set the scene.. The Wellington House’s garden with its lush greens and towering hedges.  Guests were seated with the groom and his party lined up at the top of aisle.  Theresa was putting on the finishing touches inside the Wellington House as pre-chosen selections by the Piano Guys (Over The Rainbow/Simple Gifts, Home, Can’t Help Falling In Love).  When ready, the processional began with songs for the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl (First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes) and the Bridesmaids (For the Beauty – Traditional).  And following an musical announcement of her arrival (Trumpet Voluntary), it was finally time for the Bride to make her trip down the aisle (Canon in D – Pachelbel).  The ceremony went well and when it concluded, the wedding party walked away (A Thousand Years – Christina Perri) and the party shifted to the next location.

Mere steps away from the Wellington House in Fayetteville, NY is the Craftsman Inn, which is where our story goes next for the remainder of the tale.  The reception began about an hour later at the Craftsman with cocktail hour where guests made their way over to some great appetizers and music set up in the bar area.  Soon after, the festivities kicked off with the introductions featuring the parents, ring bearers, wedding party, and Shaun and Theresa all coming out to the same song (I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas).  Commonly, the first dance might follow, but this time Theresa and Shaun decided to go right into toasts, followed by dinner… but dinner had a bit of a special vibe where a couple of games were played to give away lanterns and bottles of wine at each table.

Dinner was great, but we had some unfinished business.  We had to get Shaun and Theresa on the dance floor for their First Dance (Would You Go With Me? – John Turner).  They followed that moment up with a trio of family dances, featuring the Father/Daughter Dance (When Stars Go Blue – Tim McGraw), the Mother/Son Dance (Simple Man – Kenny Chesney), and an in-law dance (Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney) where Shaun and Theresa danced with each other’s new Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law respectively.  Once the family dances were over the dance floor opened to everyone in attendance so we could all have a great time.

As the night went on, it was primarily focused on music and fun.  The dance floor was conveniently located next to the bar for a quick turnaround for fun and refreshments.  Musically, the day was filled with songs that were requested by our Couple of Honor.  Shaun and Theresa had supplied Salt City Sound Machine with an ample amount of songs they wanted to hear complete with when they wanted to hear them.  So their guests were treated to a good variety of older songs, newer songs, different genres, even some polkas that played throughout the night for homage to heritage.  Beyond the dancing, they also had some more specific moments peppered in here and there including the Generations Dance (The Best is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra), and the Cake Cutting (Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard)

Night set in and this nearly 8 hour event came to an end.  The bride and groom were ready to settle in for their wedding night and guests were ready to call it a night.  The last thing to do was to play the final song of the night as chosen by Shaun and Theresa (Grow Old With You – Adam Sandler).  And from Syracuse, back to Albany, they traveled back as husband and wife!

Congratulations to Shaun and Theresa.  Thank you for choosing Salt City Sound Machine and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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  • Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts – The Piano Guys (Selected Ceremony Prelude)
  • Home (Phillip Phillips) (Selected Ceremony Prelude)
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love – Vitamin String Quartet (Selected Ceremony Prelude)
  • First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes (Ceremony – Ring Bearer/Flower Girl)
  • For The Beauty  (Ceremony – Bridesmaids Processional)
  • Trumpet Voluntary  (Ceremony – Announcement of the Bride)
  • Canon in DPachelbel  (Ceremony – Bridal Processional)
  • A Thousand Years (Christina Perri) – The Piano Guys  (Ceremony – Recessional)
  • I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas (Grand Entrance)
  • You Go With Me? – Josh Turner (First Dance)
  • When Stars Go Blue – Tim McGraw (Father/Daughter Dance)
  • Simple Man – Lynard Skynard (Mother/Son Dance)
  • Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney (In-Law Dance)
  • The Best is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra (Generations Dance)
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard (Cake Cutting)
  • Grow Old With You – Adam Sandler (Last Dance)

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