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Customer Testimonials

"#DirtyBirds2017 couldn't have happened with Jason!"

Jason is the shit. Point blank. He's a DJ for a reason – he knows exactly what he's doing but most importantly he's passionate about it – and you can tell that by his work. Being the control freak I am, I gave Jason a LONG list of songs I wanted played and I'm almost positive he played them all, at all the right times. From ceremony to end of the night – Jason kept the party going and guests on their feet no matter how old they were. I would recommend him 10 times over. If you don't use Salt City? You're missing out! Thank you again, Jason!!

- Alyssa Pidgeon

"Simply put: Jason is awesome"

One of the best decisions my wife and I made for our wedding was to work with Jason and Salt City Sound Machine. Jason is a true professional who worked closely with us in the weeks and months leading up to our big day to make the playlist and the run of the day perfect. Jason is flexible, accommodating and fun. His attention to detail and desire to fit our needs for the day were impressive. I can't imagine how it could have been better. Jason was perfect, and I would recommend him to anyone. He was absolutely great!

- Andrew

"Green Lakes Wedding June 2017"

Our wedding planner recommended Jason as they had worked together before. He met us at the site a week ahead of time & expertly staged locations. He even accomodated our classical guitarist who played during the ceremony, allowing him to use his equipment for a bigger sound by the shore of Green Lakes. During the short delay before the ceremony, he kept the crowd entertained while we prepared to walk down the aisle (actually the side of a hill leading to the shore). He kept the crowd moving with the limbo, appropos announcements of the bridal party, and continuous music from the bride & groom's playlist. We can heartily recommend Jason for your next event.

- Carolyn B George

"Being an out of town Bride & Groom he was incredibly easy to work with and very responsive"

Jason was such an integral piece to our wedding! Being an out of town Bride & Groom he was incredibly easy to work with and very responsive. Our Ceremony music was perfect and he did an amazing job reading the crowd at our wedding & got everyone pumped up and dancing, even my 80 year old grandparents! One of my guests kept trying to pay him to stay longer but unfortunately the venue wouldn't let us stay! Highly recommend him!

- Desirae Gilbert-Monsees

"There is a reason Jason has been rated best wedding DJ in Syracuse!"

There is a reason Jason has been rated best wedding DJ in Syracuse! He is extremely professional and goes above and beyond the duties of a DJ. He also has some awesome options that other DJs don’t offer. He is so experienced he will ask questions you don’t even know you need to have answers to, this makes him extremely prepared for anything that arises throughout the night.

- Shelby Kurtz

"I could not have imagined better"

I could not have imagined a better DJ experience from start to finish for my wedding. Jason, you are the best! (Even if you are a Blue Jays fan…)

- Stephanie

"We could not have asked for a better DJ!"

Perfect! Jason was an amazing DJ and was great to work with. We could not have asked for a better DJ!

- Alicia

"The dance floor was ALWAYS packed"

My husband and I could have not asked for a better night! Jason made sure to do everything we wanted! The music was going and the dance floor was ALWAYS packed. The most people I've every seen on a dance floor at a wedding. Jason was great to work with and it could not have been more perfect!

- Alyssa Alvarez

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